Warrington MoneyBox The Gateway to Warrington Credit Unions
Warrington MoneyBox The Gateway to Warrington Credit Unions

Need a loan?

There are times when we all need a little help to make end meet. Making the right choices affects your future.

Credit Unions in Warrington will lend you money once you have shown them you are able to save regularly.  This means that you will need to save for a number of weeks before you can apply for a loan with them.

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  • Loans come with no hidden charges and no penalties for early repayment
  • You can also carry on saving, so that by the time you finish repaying the loan your savings would have grown as well.
  • Life insurance may be built in at no extra cost to the borrower. So if you were to die before you repaid your loan, insurance would repay the loan for you.

John from Great Sankey has been a Credit Union member for 3 years, he reported "I didn't have any savings put aside to replace my washing machine when it was beyond repair.  It seemed that the loans offered by my bank had high interest rates and I would need to pay a penalty if I paid my loan off early, which really put me off, so I asked about a loan from the Credit Union.

Applying for the loan was really easy, with help from the Credit Union officers with my form.  I was delighted with the service and had to double check that the low interest I was paying was correct! Best of all was that I could afford to carry on saving while paying off my loan.  Thanks!"

Don't forget that any loan you take you are responsible for.  Credit Unions have an obligation to their members to recover repayments and will, if necessary get money back you owe them by using debt collection agencies, through the Department of Work & Pensions if you are claiming benefits, or through the County Courts if you are employed.

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