Warrington MoneyBox The Gateway to Warrington Credit Unions
Warrington MoneyBox The Gateway to Warrington Credit Unions

Need a loan

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Members often cannot believe how little our loans cost.

 The most that we would charge for a £300 loan over 6 months is £32.24 (APR 42.6%) and for members with a good repayment record it is likely to be less.

You need to be a member and once you have saved for 10 or more weeks you are eligible to apply for a loan.  We don't take out credit references in many cases (but may ask for them if appropriate) and will lend money based on your ability to repay.  Typically your first loan would be up to £300 more than you have saved and the amount you can borrow will increase as you repay your loans on time.  Last year we lent more than £80,000 to more than 100 people.  Our loans offer excellent value when compared to doorstep, high street or internet lenders.  We give loans

  • tailored to your individual needs
  • from as little as £100

Want to apply for a loan?

Loans are only available to Members.

Members should go into any collection point to make your application.  This will be considered within 7 days and if successful the loan can be paid to you by

  • internet bank transfer
  • cheque
  • cheque cashable at nominated post offices

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